Hoi An Cycling is Vietnam based cycling tour organizer, offering variety of bicycle tours around Hoi An  and its countryside. We are known for our high quality well-maintained Trek Marlin Mountain Bikes, available in size ranging from small to extra large, catering to riders of different heights. Our tours are designed to provide an immersive experience of local culture, lascapes and ways of life, making it a unique way to explore the area.

Key Offerings:

  • Mountain Bike Rental:

We are offering bike rental half day, full day of our Trak Marlin Mountain Bikes.

  • Diverse Cycling Tours:

Our tours range from half day rides to more extensive explorations including Off-road rides, mountain climbs and culture experiences. Some of our specialized tours includes cycle arround Cam Kim island, A pleasant ride of 40km around villages in Hoi An, Cycle from Hoi An to My Son holy-land and more challenging routes like climb Hai Van pass, Cycle from Hoi An to Hue or multi day rides in Vietnam.

What makes Hoi An Cycling stand out?

  • *Local Expertise*: Our local team aims to showcase the best of Hoi An in the most eco-friendly manner, offering an authentic and personal view of the area.
  • *Quality Equipment*: The emphasis on high-quality, well-maintained bikes ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for all participants.
  • *Variety of Experiences*: From leisurely half-day tours to intense multi-day adventures, there’s something for every type of cyclist.

For anyone looking to explore Hoi An and its surroundings, Hoi An Cycling provides a range of tours that cater to different interests and fitness levels, making it a great way to see the area’s natural beauty, experience local life, and enjoy some physical activity


Thinh Bui – Founder and Operator

Thinh is a former tour leader working for many international travel companies since 2006, he has lead hundreds of trips with different themes as well as different means of travel including bus, train, flight and ofcourse bike through the country of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. His favorite trip through Vietnam is 15 days Cycling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city with Intrepid Travel. 

In 2011, he found enough working for others and wanting to build his own life. He chose Hoi An to be his new home  and started his journey of bussiness life here.

Hung Le – Senior biking man, Major mechanic, Routes finder.

Hung is a true Hoianian, living whole his life time in Hoi An. He is a truly biker.

He has been working as mechanic for past 15 years, he was also working in hotels, restaurants in Hoi An. He can speak English and he is a great friend for all global bikers who need bike services in Hoi An.

Thinh Le – Tour guide

Thinh is not only an excellent tour guide for Hoi An Cycling but also very popular guitarist in Hoi An. Day time he shows tourists around villages and ffamilies around Hoi An on our bilke tours, in the evening, he and his brand plays music in restaurant and pubs in the old town. He is a hard working man, responsible husband and a great farther of his young son. 

Beside those men, Hoi An Cycling has been a home of many young students, trainees to start their tourism profession. They come and go after years working and some are very popular tour guide, tour leaders of big travel company. 

Enjoy Your Trip With Us

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