Phin Coffee Restaurant Hoi An: Customer Reviews and Analysis

Exploring the hype…

Nestled in the heart of Hoi An, Phin Coffee Restaurant has become a beloved spot for both locals and travelers. Phin Coffee Resturant has garnered a reputation for its rich Vietnamese coffee, cozy ambiance, and diverse menu, it’s no surprise that this café consistently receives glowing reviews. But, do these accolades truly reflect the experience offered at Phin Coffee Restaurant?

In this article, we delve into the customer reviews to determine if Phin Coffee Resturant lives up to its high ratings. From Google and TripAdvisor to Facebook, we’ll explore the insights shared by patrons and offer our own perspective on what makes this café stand out. Join us as we uncover whether Phin Coffee Restaurant is as remarkable as the reviews suggest.


Logo of Phin Coffee Resturant

A Convenient and Picturesque Setting…

Located at the end of the small alley, great little hide out, just a stone throw away from the crazy tourist crowd in Ancient Town, the strategic placement of Phin Coffee Restaurant allows patrons to enjoy a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets while still being within walking distance of major landmarks. Whether you’re exploring the historic Ancient Town or taking a leisurely stroll along the river, the café is perfectly situated for a refreshing coffee break or a delightful meal.

The atmosphere inside Phin Coffee Restaurant is equally captivating. The interior is thoughtfully designed to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Customers often commend the relaxing environment, noting how it enhances their overall experience. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick coffee or settling in for a leisurely meal, the ambiance at Phin Coffee Restaurant makes every visit special.

The Reviews say..

“A little hidden down an alley way, but once you’re in you feel like you’ve been transported to a serene garden. The upstairs patio housed hundreds of succulents. It’s so nice to see them thriving”tiffany chin

“What a find! Awesome coffee hidden down a little alley. If you didn’t know it was there you’d miss the best coffee in Hoi An. Cheaper and better quality than what is found in the nearby tourist streets. Quiet green little garden setting for some really tasty coffee. Don’t miss it!”Jay Peabey

“Fabulous hide away jungle cafe and restaurant. The place hides it self in the end of a narrow road away from the mass tourism. It’s a beautiful designed calm place to relax and enjoy delicious food.”Maximilian C.H.

“I like the plants around the terrace, makes it fell like a secluded garden. The ambient music is also pleasant and relaxing”Codrin Palade

“Love this charming little hidden cafe! Tucked within alleyways, you really have to look it up online and make your way to this place as you wont just stumble upon it. Decoration is amazing, with a small fish pond and lots of greeneries! Although it’s open air seating, it doesnt feel too hot as there’s lots of shade and so much greeneries surrounding you.” Hayley Yok

Entry to Phin Coffee Resturant
Greenery at a corner of Phin

Exceptional Coffee Every Time…

In the rising era of  Tea & Coffee culture in Hoi An, one of the standout features of Phin Coffee Restaurant is the consistent quality of its coffee. Patrons regularly praise the café for delivering rich, flavorful coffee with every visit. The secret behind this exceptional quality lies in the carefully selected coffee beans sourced from Dalat, the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Known for its ideal coffee-growing conditions, Dalat produces beans with distinctive flavors and aromas that elevate every cup served at Phin Coffee Restaurant.

Phin Coffee Restaurant not only brews these premium beans but also has its own coffee roastery call Phin Lab Roastery. This allows for meticulous control over the roasting process, ensuring that each batch meets the highest standards of quality and freshness. Additionally, Phin Lab Roastery is a trusted provider for multiple coffee shops across Vietnam, further cementing its reputation for excellence.

The Reviews say..

“I feel confident in saying that this is the best coffee shop in the area after spending a few days here and trying several different places. It’s well worth a visit (or 3!).”Colin Nordhausen

“Definitely go to Phin to have the best coffee in Hoi An”Dennis Ras

“I tried many coffees in Vietnam but this one set the level so high that I forgot all the others. The service is more than great. The barista asked me to watch the process of his hand drip coffee and took his time to explain everything! Perfect for a coffee lover like me! Thank you!”Diego Iscaro

“Excellent coffee beans quality. Professional, nice and hospitality staff to introduce how to make Phin dripping coffee.
Strongly recommend everyone come here to drink a cup of coffee.”CHIU JIAN-CHUAN

“Amazing cafe with the nicest coffee we’ve had so far in Vietnam. It is clear that they take a lot of pride in their work.” Aodhan Mc Keown

“Love love love loveeeeeee this place. As a coffee lover and specialty coffee explorer, this place is a must. The hospitality is amazing and the coffee quality is even more amazing. I visited the cafe every day of the entire one week that I was in hoian. The cafe roasts/sources their own beans.”Nuanpan Ketumarn

Products of Phin Lab Roastery

Diverse Beverage Selection…

Whether you prefer an espresso, a smooth cappuccino, a signature coconut egg coffee or the iconic Vietnamese Phin drip coffee, Phin Coffee Restaurant maintains a high standard that keeps customers coming back for more. Customers often highlight the meticulous preparation and attention to detail that goes into every cup, making it a top choice for coffee lovers in Hoi An.

Beyond its excellent coffee, Phin Coffee Restaurant offers an array of other beverages to suit various preferences. From refreshing iced teas and vibrant smoothies to indulgent hot chocolates, the menu caters to a wide range of tastes. This diversity ensures that all guests can find a drink they love, making Phin Coffee a versatile destination for any time of day.

The Reviews say..

“Proper espresso! So many places in Vietnam offer ‘espresso’ and then it’s some tasteless filtered coffee presented in an espresso mug. Always a relief to find a proper one!” Titus Powell

“We loved Phin’s coffee in Hoi An!! Coconut egg coffee’s are the best egg coffee’s you could have in Vietnam!”Olivia Howe

“Amazing coffee are served here. The must try are the Egg coffee, Coconut coffee, Peanut butter coffee. Egg coffee is perfectly done with no raw eggy smell.”Khoo Jolyn

“The coconut coffee was probably one of the best I had in Vietnam which led me to actually buy some beans from the place! Compared to other places, they seem to use a double shot espresso for those which really takes it to another level.”mike

“Definitely one of the best coffees I have had in Vietnam. The coconut coffee in particular is great and highly recommended because they combine espresso with the iced coconut rather than the traditional coffee which I am not a fan of.”Rahul Anand

“They really understand coffee here”Oren Agami

Coffee & Beverages at Phin
Phin Drip Coffee & Coconut Egg Coffee

Culinary Delights….

At Phin Coffee Resturant, culinary excellence takes center stage, offering patrons a delightful journey through both Vietnamese traditions and European influences. Among their standout offerings are the Phin Bowls adorned topped with their signature homemade granola, the Famous Smoked Duck Noodle, and the iconic Hoi An Cao Lau.

In addition to these culinary highlights, Phin Coffee Resturant also offers a diverse selection of European and Vietnamese cuisines, ensuring that there is something to please every palate. Whether you’re craving traditional Vietnamese street food or seeking out innovative fusion creations, Phin Coffee Resturant promises a dining experience that is both memorable and satisfying.

The Reviews say..

“A must for breakfast if you are in Hoi An. We came here all four days we were here and the food was so so good for a reasonable price”Emily Merry

“I must admit I’ve fallen in love with the tropical fruit smoothie bowl made of bananas, mangos, peanut butter and coconut cream. It was so delicious, fresh and vibrant!”Josef Zimanzl

“We came here for lunch and got mango smoothies, the rose dumplings and two of the special duck Phos, everything was amazing, in particular the rose dumplings, the chefs are clearly very talented here. Would definitely visit again.”Helena G

“I had an amazing dinner at Phin Coffee!! I took the pesto cao lau and it was one of the best dish I’ve eaten in Vietnam! Thank for you for the great evening!”Floriane Charpentier

Some dishes of Phin

Exploring the Art of Coffee…

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado eager to expand your knowledge or a novice looking to explore the world of coffee for the first time, Phin’s coffee classes offer an engaging and informative experience that is sure to leave you inspired and caffeinated.

Expert instructors guide you through the differences between Arabica and Robusta beans, highlighting their unique flavors and characteristics. Then, roll up your sleeves and get hands-on as you learn the art of brewing coffee using the traditional Vietnamese Phin filter. From mastering the perfect grind to achieving the ideal water temperature, this class equips you with the skills to brew the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee at home.

The Coconut Egg Coffee Class offers a delightful twist on traditional Vietnamese egg coffee. In this class, participants will not only discover the history and origins of this unique beverage but also master the art of crafting it from whipping up egg yolks to infusing it with rich Vietnamese coffee and coconut syrup. Participants will learn the techniques and tricks to recreate this decadent treat in the comfort of their own home. Additionally, participants will also explore the art of cold brew coffee, discovering the nuances of this refreshing and aromatic brewing method.

The Reviews say..

“Another big thing not to miss is the coconut egg coffee class. It lasted about 40 12:55 hour and was incredibly informative about the history of egg coffee as well as the history of this shop in particular. The owner is very kind and relatable. If you are going to come to Hoi An, be sure not to miss this spot”Brooke Davis

“A friend and I went for the coffee making course which was a great experience. Learnt a lot and got to make out own coconut egg coffee which was delicious. The man doing the course was Fab too. Highly recommend it.”Jade Reidy

“We visited for the coffee class – it was excellent. The class lasted around 3 hours and taught us about the history of Vietnamese coffee and gave us an opportunity to make and taste traditional drip coffee/egg coffee/cold brew. I would definitely recommend Thinh and his coffee class to others”Toby Wainwright

A group attending coffee class
Cheering during coffee class
Having fun during coffee class

Last but not least: The Service…

Phin Coffee Resturant is not just renowned for its exquisite coffee and delicious food but also for its outstanding service. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you are greeted with warm smiles and a welcoming atmosphere that sets the tone for a memorable dining experience. The staffs at Phin Coffee Resturant are dedicated to providing top-notch service, ensuring that every guest feels valued and well taken care of and they are always ready to assist with a friendly and informative approach.

Phin Coffee Resturant places great importance on customer feedback. The staff are always eager to hear about your experience and are quick to address any concerns or suggestions. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that each visit is better than the last, fostering a loyal and satisfied customer base.

The Reviews say..

“We sat in the courtyard and I read my book while having my slow brunch and the staff gave us the space and time we needed for it which I truly appreciate. I specifically want to mention the professionalism of the staff here — their attention to detail definitely sets them apart from other cafes in town.”Samreen Shahbaz

“Despite the blistering weather, customer service was outstanding with the staff carrying an additional fan over for us.”Matthias Soh

Young staffs from Phin Coffee Resturant


After delving into the various aspects of Phin Coffee Resturant by highlighting only some of the comments over 2500 given reviews since the beginning of its operation from 2017, it’s clear why this restaurant garners such high praise from its patrons.  The combination of expertly brewed coffee, the unique atmosphere, high-quality food, diverse beverages, fun & knowledgable coffee class and exceptional services justifies the rave reviews and loyal customer base. Given these highlights, it’s evident that Phin Coffee’s strong ratings are well-deserved.

For those seeking a unique and satisfying dining experience, Phin Coffee Resturant stands out as a top-rated destination that lives up to its reputation.

It is not about how many reviews are given, but it is about how they described about their stars in their review!

“Update: A year later and we’re back here for more coffee! Still the best in Hoi An (for serious coffee drinkers)!! I had the Vietnam SO Yellow Bourbon: Aeropress. Delicious.
Old review: Gorgeous cafe, lovely ambiance, could spend time here everyday. Great find!”K Eyth

“Without question the best coffee shop in Hoi An.”daniel Lee

“Hands down the best coffee shop in Hoi An.”Marina Woltzenlogel

For more insights into the best places to visit in Hoi An, including cycling tours and cultural experiences, check out Hoi An Cycling Tour. Plan your visit to Phin Coffee Restaurant and immerse yourself in the delightful charm of Hoi An.

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