Day Trip to Hoi An from Da Nang Cruise Port

This itinerary can be very helpful for many people traveling by a cruise to Vietnam and looking for a day trip in Hoi An from Da Nang Cruise Port.

There are two docks that  you would be landed either Da Nang Port which is 45 minutes driver to Hoi An or Chan May Port, It is 1 hour and half to drive.

Cruise would be landed at 7am, most people will come out of the cruise and meet their guide/bus at 9.00am

What to bring on the trip

  • Confortable clothings with a day bag.
  • Cash for small purchase and meals. Some small business do not accept credit payment. You should bring popular currencies such as  USD, AUD… it is widely accepted and easy to exchange.
  • Credit card: Obviously Hoi An / Da nang is heaven for shopping.

Must do things for a Day Trip to Hoi An from Da Nang Cruise Port

Walking around Hoi An and enjoy its unique food on street.

Hoi An Walking

Hoi An is one of few towns in Vietnam that pleasant to walk around. Motorbikes are not allowed to be on the street in the heart of old quarter in certain time of the day. Street food in Hoi An also becomes the highlight of many people for their time in Hoi An

Schedule of motorbike ban 

Morning: 9.00 am – 11.00am

Afternoon: 3.00pm – 10.00pm

Food to try in Hoi An

Banh My – known as the best Banh My in the world rated by Anthony Bourdain 

Cao Lau – Typical noodle in Hoi An that show Hoi An is one of the most internationalized cities of Vietnam

White Rose – Famous Chinese influent dish in Hoi An which is very yummy

Bicycle tour in Hoi An with Hoi An Cycling

Cycling in Hoi An Countryside

Hoi An Cycling is offering a cycling trip to discover the countryside of Hoi An which is a delight of many peole’s travel experience. With a short time, we recommend for Hoi An Experience ride with is suitable for those traveling a day trip in Hoi An

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