A day in Hoi An, Vietnam

We all know how tiring travelling can be so it is now time to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Hoi An.  this artical is about a day in Hoi An that you are not joining a tour or being a tourist. A day of being lazy, no tours, no history, no hustle and bustle.

Late breakfast

Let’s have a lazy morning when we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a bus/train/plane. Let’s stay in bed and enjoy a late breakfast. Unfortunately, most hotel breakfasts finish at 10 am but don’t worry, there are many other choices in Hoi An.

Home taste choices:

  • Treat yourself to a Western style breakfast. Cargo Club, Dingo Deli and Green Mango in the centre of town all have a great selection of dishes for breakfast.  Take a leisurely cycle into town when Hoi An is relatively quiet and before it gets too hot. (April, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep)

Local breakfast choices:

  • Banh My: A great choice. Everyone is talking about Banh My in Hoi An since Anthony Bourdain ate here and made it so popular.  Banh My Phuong and Queen Banh My are very well known on the tourist trail. But I would recommend trying Banh My at any Banh My stall that you come across – most are of similar quality and yummy!

Tips: want to order a fried egg? it is Bánh Mỳ Trứng in Vietnamese.

Not too hot? Just say Không Cay! Yum yum!

  • Noodles

Really? Absolutely – noodles are probably the most popular breakfast dishes for locals everywhere in Vietnam. In Hoi An, try My Quang, Cao Lau or Pho for a different style of breakfast.  Give it a go, you will love it.

Tips: Alley 58 – 60 Le Loi street has plenty of noodle food stalls to try. If you want Pho, try Pho Tung – I reckon it is the best Pho in Hoi An.

Coffee time!

Best cycling tours in Hoi An

The coffee shop is one of the most recognised Vietnamese traditions.  Hoi An has a great range of coffee shops serving top quality coffee to international standards. Here are some we love:

  • Phin Coffee: An open air garden in the end of alley 60 Le Loi st, Phin coffee offers a great selection of coffee choices with their high quality beans from Da Lat. Their coconut coffee and hand-drip yellow bourbon bean are very popular, as well as their experienced barista’s creations. If you order their House special, the barista will demonstrate how they make their coffee. If you are having trouble to find it, use Google Map to find Phin Coffee  or looking for well-signed Secret Garden, Phin Coffee is next to.
  • Mia coffee: a well-established good quality coffee shop, one of the first coffee shops in Hoi An serving great cappuccino and carrot cake
  • Hoi An Roastery and Cocobox have several branches throughout the town.

Tips: Try the latest barista’s creation at Phin Coffee – Cold brew with Lime and Syrup

Hard to find Phin Coffee? It is next to Secret Garden (very well signed)


A day in Hoi An during summer, you should not miss the visit An Bang Beach or secret beach between An Bang and Cua Dai. Hoi has great beach weather during March, April, June, July, August and September.

Tips 1: Bring your book or pen for writing your diary!

Tips 2: Hire a bicycle from the hotel (normally it is free) or rent one from Hoi An Cycling to ride to the beach. It is only 4km away from the ancient town!

Tip 3: Dont like to see many tourists, go to Secret beach or search for Sound of silent cafe. 

Mid-day snack/light dinner

Food is always a highlight of your stay in Hoi An and whenever you are hungry, you can always find a bowl of Cao Lau or My Quang.   There are plenty of places to choose from on Phan Chu Trinh St and you can also grab a Banh My or a plate of chicken rice.  All very tasty snacks at reasonable prices!

Walk around Hoi An in the evening

Hoi An is very pretty in the evening when all the streets are decorated with lanterns. Such a charming town to walk around, soak up the atmosphere and make unique holiday memories. It is a must do things when you are in Hoi An.

Plan for the next day with Hoi An Cycling

Surely you are having great time, but spend sometime planning for the next day things to do in Hoi An, join our cycling tour at www.hoiancycling.com, we recommend for a Cam Kim Island Discovery for the highest rated trip in Hoi An.

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